Comprehensive execution of earthworks. We carry out tasks related to dehumation, which is the first step in the process of preparing land for investment. We also perform macro-leveling and wide- and narrow-space excavations, and specialize in deep soil replacement by dredging.

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Soil stabilization and road works

Richert company specializes in performing soil stabilization with associated works. We take care of every stage of the process, additionally offering soil profiling, compaction and water treatment to ensure optimal moisture content of the ground and prevent settlement or cracking.

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Sales of materials

Sale of materials - sub-base 0/31.5, washed sand 0/2, sand gravel, brick rubble, concrete rubble, black earth, milling.


In our offer you will find a wide range of materials used in construction or industry. For the implementation of road substructure, we offer aggregate with a grain size of 0/31.5, which is characterized by excellent load-bearing capacity and the ability to dampen vibrations. 0/2 washed sand is the material of choice for applications such as tiling, masonry or concrete pours. Sand bedding, mainly used in road engineering and industrial construction. We also sell brick rubble and concrete rubble, which are materials for, among other things, filling in spaces and raising the ground level. Loam will work well in earthworks and gardening, and milling is an alternative to traditional materials used in road paving.

Material handling

Demolition and dismantling of structures

We specialize in dismantling all kinds of structures: bridges, both steel and concrete, industrial facilities such as large-scale halls, warehouses, as well as residential and commercial buildings up to 35 meters high. Each of these structures requires an individual approach, both in terms of planning and execution - and adaptation to the client's specific needs and minimization of the risks associated with demolition or dismantling.

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