Richert Real Estates

Based on its human, equipment and material capital - one of the new directions of development of Richert company became real estate. Comprehensive construction of houses - from the design, before the supply of raw materials and materials, to the implementation and final sale. Entrusting the entire project to one proven investor, you are assured of reliability and timeliness of the work performed.

Single-family homes for sale

Carefully selected locations, combining proximity to nature and attractive green areas, with quick access to the Tri-City. Space and solutions ideally suited to the expectations of the whole family.  The use of ecological and energy-saving solutions, allowing to reduce the cost of maintaining the house in the future. On top of that, functional interior designs that provide a comfortable space for living, full of natural light and comfort.

Estate by the walk in Straszyn

Estate in Jankowo

Rental of large-area halls, office space, paved yards

We would like to invite you to familiarize yourself with the offer of rental:

● large-area halls

● office premises

● paved areas

in Bąkowo at Wybickiego (right next to a newly built bypass)


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