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Construction of the expressway S6 Slupsk - Gdansk section Luzino- Szemud

General Contractor: BUDIMEX SA


The most important road investment, along the Baltic coast. It will connect the Tricity Agglomeration with Szczecin, providing the comfort, safety and efficient connection we have all been waiting for for many years.


The contract included the design and construction of the expressway S6 Słupsk - Gdańsk on the section from the Luzino interchange (without interchange) to the Szemud interchange (with interchange), i.e. from km 0+000.00 to km 10+299.05. The above section is located in Pomorskie Voivodeship, in the poviat of Wejherowo on the territory of the Luzino and Szemud municipalities, and constitutes a part of the so-called Kashubian Route.


The investment consisted in the construction of a section of a dual carriageway expressway, along with access routes, local routes and routes for exiting adjacent areas, the total length of which was 9.8 km. The contract included the construction of the Szemud interchange, which was planned at the intersection with the provincial road DW-224. In addition, 13 engineering structures were also constructed, including 2 bridges, 9 overpasses, 1 flyover and crossings for small animals. The task posed many challenges, one of which was the hilly terrain of the Kashubian moraine hills and waterlogged ground, which required replacements, ground reinforcement at the same time as hydrotechnical work.


The most interesting and largest on the entire 40-kilometer section of the Kashubian route is a flyover bridge structure 30 meters high and 200 meters long made using overhang technology. The structure was built over a valley near Milwino and will carry traffic over an access road and a passage for large animals


The general contractor was Budimex. The first machines began work in November 2019. On the whole section as the only one, we carried out all earthworks:

● removal of the humus layer -190,000 m3

● excavation of trenches- 1,500,000 m3

● excavation of non-bearing soil- 240,000m3

● execution of embankments- 650,000 m3

● construction of overload embankment or working platform- 36,000 m3

● improvement of embankment layers with hydraulic binder- 640,000 m2

● stabilization of embankment bases with hydraulic binder - 190,000 m2

● improvement of cohesive soil on top of earthworks with profiling -215,000 m2

● macro leveling - 770,000 m3

● embankment embankments - 36,000 m3

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