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Construction of the Nowa Bulońska Północna Street in Gdańsk

General Contractor: NDI/Balzola consortium.


The contract includes:

construction of a double-track rail line with infrastructure and stops from the intersection of Bulońska Street with Myśliwska Street to the intersection with the Nowa Jabłoniowa Street route.
Nowa Warszawska with its connection with the planned streetcar line in the course of Nowa Politechniczna Street and the bicycle road in Bulońska Street - 2.7 km,
construction of a tram-bus integration node on Nowa Jabłoniowa Street, taking into account the prospective expansion of the streetcar network in the direction of Havel Avenue and the so-called Nowa Świętokrzyska, along with a parking lot with (>0.5 ha), service building and rectifier station,
construction of the Nowa Bulońska Północna street in the class of a collector street with a cross-section of one 7.0-m wide two-lane roadway with a one-sided sidewalk and a two-way bicycle path,
construction and reconstruction of teletechnical infrastructure, utilities, environmental protection devices, small architecture. Within the scope of the task, we continue to perform works including:
● soil replacement

● demolition work

● excavations

● embankments

● execution of construction layers.


We moved a total of more than 1million m3 of earth masses. We conducted excavations up to 12mb deep, and embankments reaching up to 10 m.

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