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Construction of the S7 expressway on the section Nowy Dwór Gdański - Jazowa

General Contractor: BUDIMEX SA


The main purpose of the S7 expressway construction project was to connect the Gdansk bypass with the Elblag bypass. The total length of the section is 39.5 kilometers, and the contract amount was just under PLN 3 billion. Construction of the road was divided into two stages: Koszwały-Nowy Dwór Gdański (20.4km), which was won by the Czech company Metrostav, and Nowy Dwór Gdański - Kazimierzowo (19.1km), whose general contractor was Budimex. As soon as the Agreement with Budimex was signed in October 2015 and the construction section of Nowy Dwór Gdański - Jazowa (10km) was handed over, the first works started. As the main subcontractor for earthworks, our task was to perform:

● working platforms at bridge structures,

● working platforms for piling rigs along the main route,

● ground reinforcement in the form of soil replacement,

● geosynthetic and relief mattresses,

● overloading of overburden ,

● embankments for the main route and local roads,

● construction and formation of the main junction "Zulawy Wschod",

● road ditches,

● macro leveling of the area.


Work on the investment lasted 3 years, and the section was handed over on October 31, 2018. During this time we performed approx:

● 2,000,000 m3 of embankments

● 1,300,000 m3 of soil replacement

● 1,100,000 m3 of overburden embankments

● 400,000 m2 of working platforms

● 300,000 m3 of geosynthetic mattresses

● 60,000 m3 of expanded clay relief mattresses

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