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Improving rail access to the seaport in Gdynia

General Contractor: BUDIMEX SA


115 km of tracks will be rebuilt in the port area. The accesses to the port gates will be electrified. The efficiency of train services will be ensured by 356 new turnouts. The running of trains in the Port of Gdynia will be supervised by the staff of a new local control center. The reconstruction will cover 13 km of roads. 2 rail-road crossings will be modernized. Railroad transport will be facilitated by, among other things, the construction of 2 railroad viaducts and the reconstruction of a bridge. The investments will significantly improve conditions for transporting goods by rail. There will be longer trains - 740 m and heavier trains 22.5 tons per axle.

Improved station capacity will reduce freight handling times. Safety of rail traffic and transported goods will increase.

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